Lantern making at Captain Cook Park, Jenkins Street on Saturday June 21st from 10.30am.

Winter Lantern Parade leaves Nundle Public School at 5pm on Saturday June 21st, travels along the River Walk to finish at the fire pit at Fossicker's Tourist Park.

Warm up after the parade with homemade soup, bread, and hot chocolate.

Listen to the mellow sounds of violin.

Winter Lantern Parade

Location: Captain Cook Park, Nundle, NSW

Make a lantern at home or come along to our lantern making day in Captain Cook Park on Saturday June 21st from 10.30am in preparation for our Winter Lantern Parade that night from 5pm. Starting from Nundle Public School the lantern parade will follow the River Walk beside the Nundle Recreation Ground, along Jenkins Street, and finishing around the fire pit at Fossickers Tourist Park. Enjoy the spectacle of the lanterns coming to life, glowing as the sun sets. Then warm up around the fire and enjoy homemade soup, bread and hot chocolate while listening to violin. Read about last year's Winter Lantern Parade at