Hills of Gold Preservation Inc.

Hills of Gold Preservation Inc was formed in April 2018 representing residents and landholders at Nundle, Hanging Rock, Bowling Alley Point, Head of Peel, Crawney Mountain, and Timor.

Its current project is research and assessment of information regarding Wind Energy Partners’ proposed Hills of Gold Energy wind farm.

If you would like to join please contact public officer Teresa Eather sacsonjenkins@icloud.com 0418 866 072 for a membership form.

We all want to do something good for our environment. While three levels of Government are pushing for an increase in renewable energy, it is important to consider the right product and right location to achieve this goal.

For a large number of Nundle, Crawney, and Hanging Rock residents and friends, Wind Energy Partners Pty Ltd’s proposal for a large industrial wind farm at Hanging Rock is not the right location for such a development. Preservation of our natural environment and heritage is our priority.

“Meeting the 2020 goals of the Australian Renewable Energy Target scheme would require approximately only one in three of prospective wind farm projects…to go ahead. There is…an ability to select wind farm projects that meet other key parameters, including economic and regional development goals, while also optimal from a community impact site-selection criteria.” (National Wind Farm Commissioner’s 2017 report)

Hills of Gold Preservation Inc would like to invite you to a Public Meeting to discuss members’ research regarding wind farms, and the potential implications for a proposal for up to 98 wind turbines from Hanging Rock to Crawney, at 6pm, Thursday, September 20, 2018, at Nundle Memorial Hall. Light supper provided.


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Hills of Gold Preservation Inc members meet regularly. Please contact public officer Teresa Eather  for a membership form and meeting details 0418 866 072 sacsonjenkins@icloud.com