Proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm

Heard about proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm? Engie proposes a large-scale wind energy generation project, named Hills of Gold Wind Farm, with up to 64 x 230m high wind turbines on a 24km stretch of mountain range from Hanging Rock, to Head of Peel, Crawney Pass and Timor. A battery energy storage system, substation/s, power lines and switching station would be required to transfer energy from the proposed project area to transmission lines near Wallabadah.

Hills of Gold Wind Farm is being Determined by the Independent Planning Commission. Progress can be monitored here.

Preliminary Environmental Assessment available here

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act referral here reference number 2019/8535

Disbanded Hills of Gold Wind Farm Community Consultative Committee minutes are available here.

Hills of Gold Preservation Inc was formed representing residents and landholders at Nundle, Hanging Rock, Bowling Alley Point, Head of Peel, Crawney Mountain, and Timor. Its current project is research and assessment of information regarding Engie’s proposed Hills of Gold Wind Farm. For further information contact public officer Teresa Eather 0418 866 072 for a membership form. See website and  socials Facebook Instagram

This is a State Significant Development because of its value (more than $30 million). Progress may be monitored on the NSW Department of Planning website Major Project Register. See here for assessment procedures for State Significant Developments and State Significant Infrastructure.

See the New England Renewable Energy Zone draft amendment here. It has been expanded and does not include Hills of Gold Wind Farm.

Wind Energy Guidelines (Dec 2016)

Wind Energy Framework

Wind Energy Visual Assessment Bulletin (Dec 2016)

Wind Energy Noise Assessment Bulletin (Dec 2016)

Community Consultative Committee Guidelines

National Wind Farm Commissioner Andrew Dyer’s 2017 Annual Report

National Wind Farm Commissioner Andrew Dyer’s 2018 Annual Report

National Wind Farm Commissioner Andrew Dyer’s 2019 Annual Report

National Wind Farm Commissioner Andrew Dyer’s 2020 Annual Report 


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