Welcome to Nundle NSW

The peace and quiet, beautiful hills, and boutique businesses in and around Nundle often give visitors reason to lengthen their stay in this unique country NSW town.

People turn off the New England Highway, intrigued by the many signs to Nundle between Wallabadah and Nemingha, and discover there is too much to do in a day.

Nundle and Hanging Rock have a small population (about 300 people) and traditionally punch above their weight when it comes to quintessential country hospitality, quirky events, and community services.

The towns are just 10km, but a dramatic 600m elevation apart, creating  extraordinary differences in climate, plantings, and landscape. Why not contact our Visitor Information Centre.

Nundle Offers a Wide Range of Accommodation, Events and Activities

The Nundle and Hanging Rock communities of NSW invite you to come and play in our much-loved villages and bushland, stay at our quality accommodation and explore the area, and gather and celebrate with friends in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.  

Use our community-owned website to access useful telephone numbers and websites. research our attractions, pencil in annual events, and plan your stay (You can also download our brochure or Tourist map).

We look forward to welcoming you.

Upcoming Events

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