Upper Peel Landcare Group

WHAT...Upper Peel Landcare is tackling invasive woody weeds like privet, pyracantha, Tree of Heaven and feral fruit trees, growing on public land in the Nundle area.

WHO…The labour is being supplied by Corrective Services ,supported by Namoi Catchment Management Authority and augmented by Landcare volunteers.

WHY-….Because the seeds are carried by large native birds ,dropped to fertile ground – particularly near the river banks, where it is even further spread during floods,

AND small native bird numbers are being depleted by the pressure of larger birds like Currawongs , so the pardalotes need some protection.

WHAT– Bird and fish habitat is being improved after removing the ‘’pest plants’’, and as native vegetation is regrown.

WHERE-Nundle district where considerable education of the residents has taken place to teach about the downside of allowing ‘’Woody Weeds’’ to flourish unchecked over many years.

WHEN- Meetings monthly-3rd Monday at 5,30 PM at Supper room of Anglican Church.

Working Be-es arranged as per particular parts of the overall project.

Other people are always welcome-especially at planting time-‘many hands make light work….’and all that!

$20 annual membership,& for families too.

DOWNLOAD the Great Day Out at The Rec Flyer.

What The Locals Say

“’You’re doing a great job down there’’ and ‘’Now we can see the view and the river!’’

The Business, Marketing and Tourism Group too are very pleased that more care of the local environment is being taken in a measured and business-like way, because Nundle has beautiful surrounds-the range behind , the agricultural land with healthy live-stock, the varied bird –life and fishing-and a great climate, all of which are of interest to our visitors!

How to find us

Post: c/- Post Office, Nundle NSW 2340
Phone: 02 6769 3110
Mobile: 0428 621 534
Email: upperpeellandcare@gmail.comWeb: http://www.upperpeellandcare.wordpress.com

The extensive project will take up to 20 years of maintenance

Planting up Travelling Stock Routes will enlarge the Great Eastern Ranges
Corridor which extends from Mt Kosciusko to the Queensland border giving continual passage protection for both flora and fauna from Nundle in the NW Slopes eastwards to the Coast at Port Macquarie

Improved fish habitat will discourage the breeding of the pest fish-Carp. Ridding the Peel River bank of overhanging exotic trees and bushes-that do nothing to assist native fish-will vastly improve the water quality of the Nundle end of the (downstream) Murray Darling River system in South Australia.

Upper Peel Landcare is actively undoing some of the effects of neglect and misunderstanding about the environment that have occurred over 150 years!

On March 3rd ‘’Great-Day-Out-On-The – Rec’’ should be fun. An event for all the community to highlight the work of our many volunteer groups. This will have a low key environmental tone as we catch carp in competition, and play cricket on the green!

Other events will be run under our SUSTAINABLE NUNDLE banner in future-like
the Enviro Water and Waste Camp for children in local smaller schools ,at Chaffey Dam on April 4-5.
Both events arranged in co-operation with Nundle Fishing Club.