Moon Glow Australia

We are Native Canadians who have found a home in the Hills of Nundle for the past 14 years. We travel back to Canada every 6 months to operate a local Summer Farmers Market in Treva’s home town of Shediac New Brunswick. Then return for 6 months to enjoy the tranquility of the hills and the simple life on the farm.

While we are in Australia, we own and operate an online business as well attend markets and festivals throughout the East Coast of Australia. We have two unique products:


The Moon Glow Pendant.

The Ultimate gift! As unique and individual as you are- A beautifully crafted picture pendant with an actual image of what the moon looked like on the day you were born!


Mi’kmaq Mystery Pouches

I have been making these traditional soft deer hide leather mystery pouches for the past 24 years. They are a very ancient design from my Tribe; the Mi’kmaq people, from the East Coast of Canada. The mystery is trying to get inside the pouch. People are often dumbfounded as there are no zippers, buttons, Velcro or snaps… yet people can feel that there is something inside the pouch! These little pouches are a great present, as people go from disbelief to awe as they open the pouch themselves. The only condition is that they are sworn to secrecy once they know!! The mystery must be earned by each individual! These are all handmade at our home in Nundle, NSW Australia.


How to find us

Where: 1532 Crawney Rd. Nundle NSW 2340
Phone: (02) 6769 3008
Mobile: 0447 302 229

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